Frequently Asked Questions

What does CustomClearing.Com look for in applicants for membership?
Mainly we want companies who can prove their worth to handle various types of general cargo and are very active in their respective markets. We want companies who have good infrastructure in place. A Professional company for CCC is a company that is an independent, established and yet willing to expand their operations worldwide through CCC. This does not require our members to ever stop using their own agency networks that they have developed over the years but we would like our CCC members to start business at earliest.

How does my company apply for membership?
There is an application form on the website that you should fill out. If for some reason this application form doesn’t work, please contact us here and we will arrange to get the information from you directly.

What should I remember when filling out the application for membership?
It is very important in filling out the online application form is that you provide the Two references we request. These references should be overseas agents who have worked with your office specifically. The references will require complete contacts (company name, name, direct phone / mobile and direct e-mail). The references provided should be of senior management.

Remember, applications without 02 overseas agents references will be required a visit by the company!
Once we have this application, then the verifying team will personally follow up on the references. Should the references give you good recommendations and the information regarding your company’s background and reputation is verifiable then you should be offered membership. Once we have the endorsement of your company from the references you had given will offer you enrolment

Special Rates :

For Branch Offices -
Members with branch offices in other locations within a single country may apply to operate as members of The Coop, paying only 60% of the posted membership fee for each additional branch.

Discounts for Referrals -
Under our Referral Program, you can obtain a 25% discount on your first annual membership fee for every freight forwarder you recommend that is accepted as a member, up to a total of four.

Use of the Cooprative Brand :

Where should I display Network logo?
The CCC logo must be displayed alongside each member's own company logo in communications with customers, suppliers and the public in general, for example on email auto-signatures and websites. This is to indicate their membership of the network and to promote the brand and to feel proud being a part of the network. You can click on the CCC logo on our website and download the same from there.

Are you qualified ?
The quality of a company does not necessarily equate to the quality of the service they provide which is why is not looking for the largest forwarders in each sea/airport. We are looking for the most reputable, well managed and solvent companies which also have a substantial business volume and a good credit history with their partners.

Application Requirements -
- Provide detailed information about your business and its operations.
- A written commitment to the network's rules and practices regarding cooperation with other members.

If you think you can agree to these terms, then please complete and return the Membership Application

Annual membership fee and payment protection plan (ppp) contribution :
Members who intend to continue as members for another year must order a bank transfer to pay the full amount of the next year's membership fee plus the Payment Protection Plan (PPP) fee.

Membership fee amount: (Rate Structure)

Country Station Fee:
USD 495 Per HQ (Annual)

Branch Fee:
USD 295 Per Branch (Annual)

With Protection plan:-

Country Station Fee:
USD 795 Per HQ (Annual)

Branch Fee:
USD 595 Per Branch (Annual)
* Protection plan supports claims upto $5000

Discounts for referrals:
Members who recommend other qualified freight forwarding agents as candidates to join The CCC will obtain a 25% discount on their next membership fee for every successful candidate. For those wishing to participate, You can send your referrals to

Participation in the PPP:
Full members (those who have paid the membership fee and PPP) who are in good standing with will be covered by the PPP.* Agents will lose their coverage if they resign or are expelled from CCC for infringing the rules.

Invoice and payment:
Annual membership fee and PPP contributions will be invoiced 30 days before the end of the membership year, and payment by bank transfer will be due before the end of the membership year. There will be an additional expense of $30 to cover the bank fees.

Branch offices:
Members may register their branch offices in the same country as the principal member. For each branch they register they will pay only 60% of the published membership fee for the territory and $595 annually as the contribution due from each branch office to the PPP.

No refunds of membership fees or contributions to the PPP will be made to a member who has outstanding payment obligations to other members. A member who voluntarily resigns from the network will be refunded 80% of his contribution to the PPP for that year, less a proportion of any claims made against the fund. No part of the annual membership fee will be refunded in the event of a member's expulsion or resignation.

Termination of membership:
Incase of non payment of membership dues, Invoice of fellow members invoice shall deemed to be terminate from the network.

Under this no membership fee will be refunded
An email communication of default will be communicated to other members for their notice.

  • I would say Team Falcon were:- Crisp, Smooth, Elegant, Hassle Free

    Canadian Diplomat
    High Commission of Canada - New Delhi

  • I would like to thank Varaang and the rest of the Falcon Freight Forwarders team for ensuring that my stuff gets delivered on time. You guys are really excellent with what you do. Keep up the great work. Thanks again and look forwards to your assistance in the future.

    CJ Suarez
    Club General Manager Studio-BAM!

  • Falcon crew have been very professional in carrying out their duty. I personally would recommend them for future shipments for Botswana High Commission.
    Great work Team!! Keep up the good Job.

    Second Secretary
    High Commission of Repubic of Botswana

  • With all the sincere efforts made by you our pet reached Banglore safe and comfortable at around 00:15 hours on 17.12.14. Flight was delayed for about one hour. We are very much thankful to both of you for the pain taken in arranging transportation of our pet. You have treated our pet as if it belongs to you only. Thanks once again. Please do remember me any time for any help from me.

    Mr. S C Grover
    Sr. Manager, BHEL

  • Everything was fine, your agents here did a great job and delivered and unpacked my goods this morning. Everything was in great order and your agents made everything very easy. Thanks so much to you and all the team for a job well done!

    Mr. Barry Phipps
    Dhirubhai Ambani International School

  • I hereby certify that, I have received the above consignment of household goods in good condition and the job has been carried out to my entire satisfaction

    Italian Diplomat

  • This was the first time I was using Packers and movers services and I was not sure about the work they do. However, from packing till delivery, It was an amazing experience. They are fast, reliable and focused. I was more concerned about my fragile items. However I got all 100% in same condition the way they were at my previous home. I couldn’t imagine I am in my new home, as they have arranged everything as per my pleasure. I fully recommend and appreciate Falcon Freight Forwarders!!! CHEERS!!!

    Ms. Shashi

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